2018 Works

Expiration Date

May 20, 2018

Expiration Date

When you realize it’s not your world anymore
As an inhumanity you were not built for grows
And when you’re so beat to shit
You’ll be ready to leave when it comes
Does this happen to everyone?
You ask? Is that how it’s meant to work
To make room for the next ones…

But you stay, you fight, you fight
to breathe, to live
The body fights to continue
We are built to stay here
Regardless of the pain
To fight the madness
So you wear the t-shirt of the “survivor”
Mirrored aviators reflecting back harshness
Shield yourself from the blinding, gamma rays
Of abandoned ideals
Keeping them out of your head
You reflect them back like a transmission into the blackness
And when your spacesuit fails, it comes…
We are like programmable insects with consciousness
A caged animal self-aware of its own expiration date.

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