2014 Works

Friday Night Jumper

November 22, 2014


The speed at which things unravel
is faster than the eye can see
The eye interprets reality
Compensates for its confusion
There is no illusion in sound
The low thud
His body changing frequencies
as it displaces the air
What Dark Star grows inside a man?
Plant of despair
Requires no light, no air
Vines expanding through the blood
What seed supplants the soul?
Pulling tightly
All the cords of reason
All the strings of hope
Until it consumes all light
Into one small, compressed star
One black hole of night
From where there is no dawn.
In another reality formed
only in memories
On that desolate station
The bullet parts the air
The train blur bears down
And a vacuum forms
begging us to just let go.

by: kxv13

NOV. 20, 2014

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