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Once I Met A King

February 6, 2017

With gentle eyes and smile
He brightened every life
Making titans of the meek
The weak no longer shy
He gave wings to flightless things
They walked by his side
As he spiraled to the sun
Like a comet ‘cross the sky.

But on a dark and cloudless night
The King had gone to sleep
Nevermore to hear his voice
The people came for miles
To gaze upon the King
And praise him for his deeds
And honor him in kind.

In the kingdom of the mind
Reigns no greater man called Son.

Once I Met A King.

Dedicated to the Memory of My Beloved Son,
Anthony Vincent Canzoneri
1/13/90 – 1/15/17

“You are a King  among men and our hearts are forever broken without you.”

January 20, 2017

peta dunia

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