Ode to Speed Race


I was four nothing more

Than a girl who loved to draw

Bored with a life that ended

At my front door

Gallantly you opened a door

Swashbuckler boy

The cutest one

Jewel-eyed blue eye

Wanted to be your pit crew

Ascot and all

I could be a mascot

I could be you too.

Eames-era dreamer

Love at first sight

A Googie-eyed Pygmalion

You were my Galatea

Forever I will adore

By now you’re 54

You will live forever

And I will die an old bore

My love to you Speed

The wind in your hair

The Mach 5 on a tear

On an endless road to anywhere.

Love and Kisses,

P.S. please take me with you……..

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