El Un

Can’t fit in
Can’t figure it out
Born an innocent
Doubt, Doubt, Doubt
Cornfields and windmills
All things that I’m not
It’s all very beautiful
Like a new found penny
My heart is too empty
To rebuild its own walls
Can’t join in
Can’t get along
Don’t have a roadmap
To swim through its veins
My skin is too thick
My skin is too thin
My eyes are too brown
My voice is too coarse
My lungs have been filled
With the cries of a child
Who wonders why no soil will have her reside
To spread out her roots
For we all need warm quarter
a bed for our bones
a saucer of water
a place to feel welcome
a home-coming game
a Mother immortal
a homeland, a heaven
all the same, just the same
We’re all just the same.

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