Into The Darkness

Into the darkness of your mind

I will find a way to find you

Scale the walls that you have built

Over barbed wire over vines.

In the distance lies a fortress

In a land of your own making

By a candle in the window

I can see you pace the night.

Pain has been the only constant

And it rumbles all around us.

Like a trip into a storm cloud

In a green and putrid sky.

And I see you from my window

As we sail on past each other.

You are not alone’ I whisper

As you arc away from sight.

Climbing towards the daylight

And the promise of its safety

I fight as others fail you child

In stubbornness or strength?

All the children are betrayed

In this failing world of hate.

heaped in fetid mounds of waste

We will dream a better place.

This journey into nightfall

Should not be made alone

I will join you in your tower

If I cannot bring you home.

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