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Lust & Dust by Mopar

April 16, 2019

Lust & Dust by Mopar

The father stared at the car
I stared at his son
His back the perfect imprint of my son’s
The child that now lives in my peripheral eye
Fearful he would catch me looking
at his man-child, misunderstanding
I hid, the sad air in my lungs
cloaking me in invisibility
The old man continued to stare
feeling lust and inadequacy
I’m nearly certain of it
The loud, crimson muscle car
Must have heckled him as he passed
Reminding him of all the things he calls failure
Panoramic and spectacular losses
I wanted to tell it to shut up, behave
I wanted to tell him, it means emptiness
When every day a man stops me
Tells me the dream of his American Dream
The car fueling his inanimate lust
I can only nod and drink bottled bile and dust
Wipe bitter drink from my bruised skin like
Men who have worked their whole lives
for the piece of candy which never came
A reward for cracked hands,
an aching back, an ungrateful family
The man defeated, walked on with his slow son
But all I could see was the awkward beauty
and lurk at a safe distance
Wishing I could mother just once more
I would have easily proffered a trade
If he just asked…
This machine is worthless
As it has more gears than reverse.





April 16, 2019

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