Early Works

Super Fortress

May 14, 2007

The windowless lead building

Shields our eyes from the failures of the past

Mounds of radium abandoned

Black projects forgotten and

Well kept secrets in bunkers

Coiled like miles of intestines

Storage closets for some future war

Carcinogenic half-lives on city streets

Where mothers push baby carriages

Halve the lives of all

That waved flags at that parade in 1968

That applauded the modern marvels

Now relics of the 1963 World’s Fair

The landscape littered with rusting exoskeletons

Leftovers from the first Cold War

Like unburied dead lie rotting

To inspire children’s imagination

And warn generations to come.

Our milk white bones glowing against the night sky.

And one day years later we will fall into the dust

The latest of its victims and we will only blame ourselves.

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