One Loving One


One Loving One

Love does not whither or dither, nor is bitter
It is not found in Twitter or the cybers of space
A solo affair that grows like a seed
In the fold of your lungs
In the holes in your hair.
Love falls on the crestfallen world like a storm
Born from the nature of force and of form
It cleanses the sterile, the fetid and false
Gives life to the fallow
The field of the soul
All forces and fields of the earth will conjoin
On a fair day the poles will align and will dance
And tie us in tethers and bind us in chance
Of one to another
Of one loving one
And Destiny dances a dervish of joy
And The Fates are all laughing like twittering birds
Crocheting our red strings
Into fetters of faith
And once it is done, it is done, not undone
Like the sureness of seasons
Like the night into dawn
Every once you have parsed a gasp at the seas
Or to breathe in the skies
Through the mind of your eye
You have loved in a way
That is Love in it’s form
As pure as the snow or the drug in your arm
Love in your lungs
In your veins
In the air
In the stars
In their stares
There is no compare
Love is the red in the blood that you need
Love is the life in the drug that you bleed
A cosmic event
A kismet, a trick
Please kiss me my love
While the universe ticks.

By KXV13
September 30, 2010
dedicated to my soulmate of 30 years, next week. I Love You.

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